Thursday 25th December – Christmas with Chuck and Grandma

Chuck had previously called his grandmother a few days earlier to warn her that he would see her for Christmas but I was still slightly concerned about the prospect of her having a heart attack when he pressed the intercom and informed her that he was outside her property.  Chuck had described his grandmother as a very sweet lady and she was awesome.  He showed me around the area and we decided to get cinema tickets for us and his grandmother (Claire) to see a movie in the afternoon.  Although Claire was meant to be going to the Christmas dinner organised by the residential centre she returned saying that there was some kind of mix up with the seating arrangements.  I still think that she was being polite as she didn’t want us to miss out and be by ourselves.  So, with grandma in her glad rags and lippy we headed out and got takeaway from a burger joint.  Back at the house we ate and Chuck and I chatted whilst Claire had the obligatory apres Christmas dinner nap, albeit a burger consumption and not a turkey dinner with all the trimmings!


When Claire woke up, with the assistance of Chuck of course, we headed to the cinema to see “Four Christmases”.  It was funny and slightly better than I had expected although I wasn’t overly impressed that Chuck thought it was a good idea to take me to a movie which continuously reminded you of the importance of family at Christmas time for my first ever Christmas out of the U.K.! 


Back at Claire’s house she, rather sweetly, gave me a necklace and, after a bit more exploring in the car, we had an early night.

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