Home in England

Okay so I actually arrived home rather a long time ago now but wanted to just post a final entry to mark the end of my trip (albeit slightly late).  I wanted to thank everyone (well almost everyone -I’m sure people noted the exceptions) who I met on my travels and who enhanced the whole experience.  Many thanks also to friends, family and other well-wishers along the way.  It really was important to me to feel that England and the people I love still existed when, at times, I felt like I was a million miles away.

Finally, if anyone is thinking about taking a similar, or dissimilar, trip my advice would be do it.  It really was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and one which I will never regret and always remember fondly.

Okay, this is starting to sound a little like an Oscar speech and I, for one, am now feeling slightly nauseous so I think I’ll draw things to a close.  I’m going to make this just slightly more pretentious and finish with one of my favourtie quotations from my travels from the ever amazing source of an Asian guy’s t-shirt:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.

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  1. Zee

    Well, that’s a wrap!

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