Friday 26th December – Back to L.A.

We said our Goodbyes to Claire, gathered our things and headed back to Los Angeles.  Once back in the city we took the Lexus back to Brad.  Having chilled out with Brad for a while and explored a little more of the city, Brad cooked and I decided to go for a walk.  Brad had suggested that “the Grove”, a shopping area, was a nice place to go so I headed in that direction.  En route a guy in a garage used his intercom to shout out compliments to me which was amusing.  When I asked a couple if I was going the right way they informed me that they were heading to the cinema at The Grove and advised that I walk with them.  As we crossed a road some woman decided to try to run me over and the guy whisked me out of the way before promptly shouting at the woman.  Although roads confuse me at the best of times, particularly as my natural instincts as to which way the traffic should be coming from have gone out of the window as it changes so much when you’re travelling, the man was green and we had right of way.  The guy who saved me (actually the car was going at about 3 miles per hour) said that they were going to see Valkyrie.  I commented that I saw “Four Christmases” and he said that he wouldn’t see the movie out of principle as Vince Vaughn is in it and he’s “rude and arrogant”.  The guy apparently knew this as he was a film director, had worked with him and directed “Wedding Crashers”.  So, having been rescued by a film director I arrived at the Grove.  The place was beautiful with lights everywhere, jumping fountains, Christmas decorations and even fake snow at 7pm.  It really got me in the Christmasy mood which was a bit of a shame as I was a day late. 


On the way back to Brad’s house someone shouted something and threw an object out of their car which missed my face by a matter of millimetres.  Back at Brad’s I told the guys about my entertaining trip and we had an early night at Brad’s house.  It wasn’t the most comfortable night though as for some reason the heating decided that we didn’t actually need to be kept warm!

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