Welcome to my blog.  Please feel free to add comments.  It’s the night before my trip and I am a bit of a bundle of undulating nerves and excitement.  Not long now!!!!!

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22 Responses to “Hello”

  1. Marietta

    Have yourself a BLAST girlie. Enjoy the world and hope you keep in touch on your travels. It’s been great working with you. Gonna Miss Ya!!!!

  2. Dee

    Hope you have a fantastic time on your travels, be safe, no tallking to any dodgey people!!
    Keep in touch with lots of piccies

    Take care,

    Dee and Rachel x x x x 🙂

  3. Sheik 'n tribe

    Hey enjoy your trip – we’ll be with you all the way- so take care and watch out for those pests

  4. Helen

    So excited for you (read… soooo jealous :o) Can’t wait to see piccies and hear all the gory details. Take care. Stay safe. See you in a year or so!
    love Helz xxx (and lil man who keeps wanting to tap on Mummy’s laptop!)

  5. marietta

    Hiya. You should have landed now. Hope the flight was ok. Luv from us all. Ps. pete says “hi”. Xx

  6. Kate

    Hey mate!
    Have a fantastic time – looking forward to hearing your adventures…

  7. Sheik 'n tribe

    Hi- are you there yet?. I am wrting to the chief to see if he will authorise a Probation Search party should you gert lost.At the helm will be the “little girls”.

  8. Andrew

    Love the domain name, you might get a few more hits on the site than you thought!

    Internet naming conventions can be so harsh without apostrophes.

    Hope you landed safely and everything is ok, can’t wait to hear more so keep us updated.

    Andrew x

  9. hey Z enjoy yourself out there ill keep in touch no doubt

  10. sandra maragh-Olney

    Hello Sweetie, I am going to be watching every step of your journey. Just want to say thank you for all that you did for me. I just wish that I was able to work with you a bit longer because I learnt so much in the short time. Have fun and enjoy everything and our prayers are with you. Be safe Love Terry & Sandra. x

  11. marietta

    Hi there “wonderer”. It’s been 1 week today since you set off on your travels. Missing you loads at work. Are you sure you don’t want to come back?? Remember not to talk to any strangers!!! Luv from us all. Rog, Dee, Rachel and me. Xxx 🙂

  12. joe R

    Hello Zelma

    Guess your are enjoying your trip. Haringey is not the smae since you left. I am leaving for my holidays at the nd of the months so i will try and catch during the hols, if that is not possible, then i will do o on my return. I will send an email to you with my details.
    be healthy and safe. enjoy life.,

    Best regards
    Joe R

  13. Zanny

    Hey my lovely, hope you’re having a wicked time!!! Just wondering when you’re going to be reaching Dollywood so that we can all fly over and see you……I am deadly serious by the way!!! xxx

  14. Zee

    Hey Zanny,

    Lovely to hear from you. If you look at my route from the front-page you’ll see when I’m in the U.S.

    If you figure out a rough time and place around then it would be awesome to meet up. As they say, “have shoes, will travel” – or is that just me?!

    Much love,


  15. Marietta

    Hi buddy,
    I have been following your travels. It’s making me soooo jealous. there is poor “us” stuck at work and you lapping it up. I luv all the pictures. Especially the one’s where you look half …… It looks like you are having a blast. Time seem to go by so quick though. Keep downloading those pictures.
    Luv from us all
    Dee, Rog, Rachel and me ofcourse. XXXX

  16. Zelma

    Hey Marietta,

    Glad you’re all well and working hard ;o) I think the word you are looking for there is half…..dead! I’m going to take quite a lot of the pictures off soon as it’s a bit of overkill. I need to get them copied onto DVD from my camera first as I’m paranoid about losing all my pictures. I’ll try to upload more when I find a vaguely decent connection.

    Much love,


  17. Louise

    Hi babe

    Sorry that I haven’t contacted you prior to now. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. I have been reading your blogs and they are brilliant although I do wonder if you are planning on getting them published on your return. Bridget Jones meets Bill Bryson type of book. Anyway I hope that it continues being great and you never know I may come out and join you, money permitting.


  18. Zee

    Hi Louise,

    It’s great to hear from you. I am having a fantastic time thank you. Glad you like the blogs, if you get them published for me we could both travel on the proceeds for a year ;o) In all fairness I don’t think that Joe Public would be interested. Anyway, if you do want to join me at any point let me know. It would be super smashing great and perhaps you could scorpion watch for me!


  19. kishan

    yo yo wassup chick,

    hope u having lots of fun, by the looks of it, u are. Can’t wait for you to stop by in Trinidad, drop me an email when u are close. keeping on enjoying your adventures.
    take care, all the best….

    byes 🙂

  20. Zee

    Hey Kish,

    I’m looking forwards to Trinidad too. Can you tell me that it’s beautifully hot and sunny there please as I’m beginning to think that I have now seen the last of the countries on my travels which are actually warm! I’m in New Zealand now and am impressed with the place so far to be honest. It’s not -quite- as cold on North island as I had thought it might be either.

    Stay safe,


  21. kishan

    Hey chick,

    Have you tried contacting me, kish_klanner@hotmail.com or kishan.ramsingh@bp.com

  22. Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

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