Friday 12th December – Miami

In the morning I got the bus to downtown Miami.  Well, when I say I got the bus I did so despite some particularly grumpy bus drivers one of whom screamed at me when I didn’t give my transfer ticket to him.  Mid-journey, not really knowing where I was going, I got off and decided to get a Burger King.  This was a wise move in one way as the guy serving me did the whole, “Ewww I just Looove the English accent”, thing and told me which bus to get, but it was a poor move when I asked for a large meal.  The actual food part wasn’t too bad but the drink was served in what would best be described as a bucket!  I could only just hold it in one hand.


After the food trauma, and another bus journey, I arrived in downtown Miami and was impressed by how funky the place was.  There was a great shopping area around a quayside and I got a C.D. burnt with my photos on.  I pottered around some shops and, having bought the coolest zebra print fur bag, wandered around the shopping area.  Having been around a few more shops, a flustered guy burst in with my credit card which I had evidently left on his counter having paid for my zebra.  I was really impressed that he had taken the time to go round looking for me and slightly less impressed at my general incompetence!  After exploring I sat at one of the quayside bars and had a rather lovely mojito looking out over the water and the boats on display.


Back at the hotel I headed to Subway for dinner and then decided to check out the Spanish bar opposite the hotel.  My one drink turned into a few more courtesy of a guy called Edwin and his friend who was particularly adept at karaoke.  I also met a very keen, short, fat guy called Danny de Paz.  That was a lovely description, but I doubt he’ll be checking my blog out any time soon so I hope I’m safe on that one.  Edwin noticed my tattoo so I did one on his arm and one on his friend’s with a ballpoint pen.  See I’m a classy chick.  I received one on my leg in return which read, “Happy Hannukah” with a menorah, which I must say I’m not dying to rush to get done properly at a tattoo joint!  After Edwin and friend left I headed out to a Spanish dancing bar with a couple of other people and danced away for several hours.

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  1. There’s too much sugar in my caffeine system.

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