Monday 22nd December – Miami to Los Angeles

The following day was my re-planned flight to Los Angeles. It was an early flight and I wasn’t exactly planned or in good time when I left. As a result I was unsure of the plans for when I arrived in L.A. and also when Chuck would be arriving. I was cutting it very fine so was really unimpressed when it looked like it wasn’t going to be possible to get a taxi from the rank which was full of taxis but no drivers. Fortunately one arrived and I headed to the airport. The check-in was quick and I arrived at the gate whilst boarding was happening. There was still enough time for a quick perusal around the gift shops though. Well technically maybe there wasn’t but there was in my mind. The flight was fine and I sat next to a friendly Dutch woman. I also managed to sleep a bit which was good.


When I arrived in L.A. I couldn’t see anyone who was meant to be collecting me from the airport. I looked for an information desk for American Airlines, as Chuck said that he would leave a message there, but there was none. I asked a staff member who informed me that there was only the main desk for the company so I joined the queue. I queued for two hours only to be told that they didn’t take messages at the desk. I headed to the other terminal where I checked my email and then went to try to call the number for Brad which Chuck had left me. The number didn’t work and the phone ate all my money. So, I headed to McDonalds, faffed around the airport some more and finally decided to head somewhaere.  There was a number for a backpackers’ place on one of the airport phones so I called the “Adventurer All star hotel and suites” and arranged a free airport pick-up.  The free shuttle arrived as it was supposed to and I was taken to a rather pleasant looking place for a backpackers’ with a large heated swimming pool, bar and restaurant.  I checked in, used the internet and chatted to some people at the hostel.  There was a group of blokes there due to work and they offered me disgusting brown straight spirits.  After chatting to them for a while they seemed to find great amusement in my former employment.  Why is it that people seem to think I want to know about all their encounters with the Criminal Justice System?  I think I need to start telling people I’m a hairdresser again!

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