Monday 30th June -Tuesday 1st July. Singapore.

As we drove towards my hostel it became apparent just how diverse Singapore is.  The area where the hostel is is called “Little India” and is full of colours, flavours and smells you would imagine befitting such a title.  I checked into the hostel and was informed that I had literally got the last bed in the place.  The person who arrived just after me was turned away.  When the place was recommended to me the couple strongly recommended that I book ahead as it’s very popular.  Book ahead?  Those words don’t really compute in my head.  Actually, I was pretty lucky with this one to be honest.  The dorm was fine, clean and air-conditioned although somewhat of a comedown from my most recent accommodation in Thailand.  I realised that this was the start of my trip when the prices went up and the sunshine levels started to go down.


I chatted to a couple of people in the hostel one of whom, Michael, told me about an amazing island called Tioman island off the coast of Malaysia.  I must say the thought of a bit more sun, sand and snorkelling really appealed and, shortly afterwards, I was emailing my travel guy and asking for a date change.  I went for a wander around little India and later got confirmation that I had another week to play in the sun!


I explored the area of Singapore around the hostel that evening and the following morning.  It was actually very cool and I ate some great food at a local hawkers area.  One thing which was a bit strange was the locals.  When I say locals, a local in Singapore is a bit like a local in London, i.e. it’s a very multi-cultural city.  However, the areas I was wandering about in around the hostel were mostly Indian and Arabic.  I’m not sure if this is anything to do with people’s responses to me but on a few occasions men walked passed and hissed at me.  It wasn’t like I was wearing a bikini.  I was wearing trousers and a vest top.  I wondered if it was something to do with having my shoulders uncovered but then saw several other Western women wearing significantly less than me who didn’t appear to be iliciting the same reaction.  I considered whether it was because I was smoking.  When I got back to the hostel I asked Michael about this and he said that he had never heard of anything like it.  I said that I had some odd reactions to smoking in Vietnam and he again said that he had not heard this happen to anyone else.  He suggested it may be because I was, “blonde and stood out”.  What?  Someone had previously referred to me as a redhead!  I know my hair has got lighter in the sun but please, has the whole World gone mad?

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