Things I’m glad to have taken to South East Asia

1.  Myself

Seriously I had such an amazing time I would recommend anyone and everyone goes to the countries I visited.  At the moment it’s so cheap and easy to do.  There is also a huge amount of change happening and you get the impression, especially with countries like Laos, that they are not going to remain the same and retain the same charm for all that much longer.


2.  Hair Straightners.

Okay so I have a small, light bag but I am glad to have had them.  They were one of the few luxuries which made me feel good/ normal.  Besides, I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun with self-portrait photos without them.

3.  Mobile Phone.

Okay so Olly persuaded me to buy this in Vietnam so technically I didn’t take it with me but I am being smug and taking the credit for having it anyway!  Local calls in South East Asia cost practically nothing and international calls from mobiles are also surprisingly cheap.  I just bought SIM cards in each country and then topped my phone up as I needed, which really wasn’t very often.

4.  I-pod.

Completely invaluable in so many instances.  Although even my beautiful I-pod was not able to contend with the Thai karaoke it did block out a lot and also added to many situations.

5.  Sleeping bag liner.

I didn’t bring a sleeping bag but brought a liner.  It proved useful firstly when I wasn’t entirely sure about the cleanliness of some of the beds I was staying in and secondly when the places you stayed at insisted on providing you with a mammoth duvet when it was 30 degrees plus.

6.  A small bag.

Everyone I spoke to told me to pack light and I was -so- glad that I did.  You see these people with the back-pack equivalent of Big Ben on their shoulders and wonder what on Earth they are carrying and, almost more importantly, why?  Traveling light seriously is the best plan.

7.  Travel towel.

Does what it says on the tin…small to pack and dries you and itself very quickly.  Unfortunately my travel towel case is somewhere on a balcony in Ko Pha Ngan….I think.

8.  Tampons (Although I should have taken more).

Yes I know but you need to know.  Tampons are almost impossible to buy in many parts of South-East Asia.  In Vietnam I was on something of a mission but, even in Hanoi, could only buy panty-liners.  I did find some in Bangkok and you -may- get them elsewhere but don’t rely on the fact.  When you buy them they’re also not cheap but what’s new there?

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