Friday 3rd October – Hanmer Springs to Moetuaka

After one night in Hanmer we got up for breakfast.  Actually, I’m not sure I would have done but Lance managed to inform me that it was an hour earlier than it actually was when he got back from breakfast.  When I got to the lounge I was confused that people kept arriving when breakfast should have been about to finish and then I realised I had been conned!  He claimed it was an innocent mistake but I have my doubts ;o)

We headed towards Moetuaka, I’m not entirely sure why actually.  It was half in the right direction in terms of getting the ferry and I think Lance had heard good things about it.  From a drunk yokel in a pub…..probably!  Anyway, we arrived and checked into a very pleasant backpackers’ where we got our washing done for free as the washing machine was broken.  I know that probably seems a dull thing to mention but you really don’t appreciate the excitement of having all clean clothes until you’re traveling.  When I get my clean clothes back it’s like someone’s given me the best present in the World.  Okay enough of this….

So, we checked in, washed our clothes and were having a couple of drinks on the veranda where we met two Scots.  We headed into town to get some cigarettes and the Scots joined us in a slightly odd Sports bar in the town where we had a few more drinks prior to heading back to the Backpackers’.

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