Saturday 4th October -Moetueka to Levin

So we left Moetueka and headed for Picton to get the Interislander ferry back to North Island.  We went to a beach near the town which was very windy.  There were a couple of ducks hanging around the car and I decided that they would appreciate the slightly skanky bread which was kicking around in the back of the car.  They did but the female duck was a complete bitch and to say that her male mate was henpecked (or duckpecked I guess) would have been one of the grossest understatements this century. 


After some light refreshments we carried on to Picton.  When we got to the ferry terminal we were informed that the next available sailing was at 7pm so headed down to the quayside to pass the time.  There were more ducks but they weren’tas brave as the previous ones and pretty much waddled away as soon as we arrived, much to my disappointment it has to be said!  Prior to heading to the ferry we went to get some fish and chips. I asked the lady if they did fishcakes and she erupted in laughter before calling to her husband and saying, “The girl just asked if we do fishcakes!”.  I wondered what was going on and if I had asked for something not recognised in New Zealand, thinking maybe the woman thought I wanted her to make a proper cake out of fish or something.  After a moment of confusion and paranoia at my lack of island awareness she explained that they had never done fishcakes but had had a discussion about it andshe was about to make some to sell the following day.  It wasn’t early enough for me but the fritter and chips was excellent.


The ferry crossing itself was long and boring.  I ended up buying a crossword book and then got annoyed at the stupid American clues and spellings.  Eventually we arrived in Wellington and headed North. Despite my pointing out the time, and a viable accommodation option Lance decided to soldier on and we ended up sleeping in the car near Levin.

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